Who is MCEL

Men of Color in Education Leadership (MCEL), a national non-profit of educational leaders from across the educational leadership spectrum (current and former school superintendents, C-Suite Executives, school leaders, higher education, and non-profits) who are hyper-focused on eliminating achievement and opportunity gaps for all students. Based on research and lived experiences, MCEL supports male leaders of color who are uniquely positioned to disrupt current ecosystems, lead through the lens of equity, and serve as critical levers to student success. 

Why Do We Exist

Currently, less than 4% of school leaders in the US are Men of Color (MOC). The number of MOC entering the teaching and leadership pipelines is steadily declining.  Projections indicate that without disruption to these trends, MOC in education leadership are heading toward extinction by 2030. Historical practices that are foundational to current realities have created unjust practices in school systems that have exacted profoundly negative experiences and ill feelings toward education. As a result, MOC are not seeing education as a viable or desired career option.  Disparities between student populations and MOC leader populations are widening, and MOC who decide to seek leadership positions are oftentimes tracked into discipline and coaching roles where they remain far longer than their white counterparts – thus contributing to the inevitable state of extinction.

Our Mission

To develop and support a strong network of male leaders of color who lead fiercely through their authentic selves and lived experiences.  These male leaders of color will join the fight to ensure all students reach their full potential; especially our most marginalized and disenfranchised. 

MCEL’s Provocation

Given the current trends in education:

·        Males of color representing 4% of the educational workforce

·        Fewer males of color entering the profession

·        Males of color are leaving the profession at a higher rate than other demographics

·        Typically, there is a 6–7-year journey to the first administrative role

It is possible for the United States to reach an extinction-level event for Men of Color (MOC) in education leadership by the year 2030.

MCEL posits that a primary path to addressing the issue of dangerously declining numbers of MOC in Educational Leadership is to create a “culture of allyship” among organizations that 1) choose bold, clear, and unapologetic action over silence when leaders of color are faced with injustice, 2) amplify the voices of MOC leaders by uniquely positioning them to have a larger influence on equity across systems, 3) individually and collectively serve as advocates to create pathways (e.g., research, training, policy analysis, innovative supports, etc.) for MOC to thrive. 

MCEL’s Treatment:

·        Quality: Equip men of color with the leadership skills, knowledge, and system of support to lead complex organizations that drastically improve the success of all students.

·        Quantity: Increase the number of men of color in education leadership

·        Care: Support male leaders of color in navigating the unique challenges they face by creating spaces that support being their authentic selves. 

Thank you for donating to MCEL.  Your investment is critical in supporting the development of Men of Color in Educational Leadership through "Quantity, Quality, and Care."  

MCEL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, therefore all financial donations to MCEL are tax deductible.

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